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BOOBOX BINGO at iEscape Rooms


BOOMBOX BINGO is a FUN, interactive game that combines everyone's love of music with good old-fashioned BINGO! We've replaced balls with beats and gave Bingo it's groove back! Participants compete against each other to win cool prizes and of course ... bragging rights!


BOOMBOX BINGO is not your grandma's Bingo! We swapped the balls for beats! Take everybody's favorite childhood game Bingo, add some music, trivia questions, mix in some music videos, identify some of the best music of all time and next thing you know everybody is singing and dancing along!

You're hanging out with your friends listening to some awesome music trying to guess the name of a song, or who sings it, or what year it came out or what album it was on. Well you are playing BOOMBOX BINGO just don't tell anyone the answers ... mark them off your Bingo sheet!

Oh, and yes there are opportunities to sing-along, karaoke and even break out those dance moves you put away back in the 80s or 90s!

Be the first person to match the winning pattern and WIN cool prizes!

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