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Game of Squids is an exciting live action game we adapted from the popular television series "Squid Game". It is perfect for birthday, bachelor & bachelorette parties or any other group special occasion.


SQUID GAME - the show

The show invites players to compete in a series of childhood games with a chance to walk away with a cash prize. However, what they don't know is the games are single elimination, you lose you die. Yeah, we know that

is pretty drastic!

GAME OF SQUIDS - iEscape rooms

Good news, we have adapted our game so every player participates in the first 5 games and earn points before being possibly eliminated. The players with the most points at the end of the first 5 games will play a 6th game, the Squid Game. This game is single elimination and determines the SQUID.

We offer this game onsite at our Carolina Beach location, remote at area bars and breweries or can bring the fun to you at your location. Call us to plan your own Game of Squids.



All players will participate in 5 survivor games. Points will be awarded the further you get in each game without being eliminated. The contestants with the highest scores from the survivor games will advance to the 6th and final Squid Game.

The final round is single elimination, last man standing is the SQUID!

Game times vary in length based on the game mode & number of contestants.



Our party mode is played by your private group of 8 or more players. The length and cost of the game varies based on the number of players. Groups of 8-12 can play indoor at our Carolina Beach location, groups of 8 or more can be played at your location or outdoors. The winner is awarded a free escape game and swag!


We host our Game of Squids at various area venues including bars, breweries and local parks. Each player pays an entry fee to participate and the winner walks away with a cash prize. The cash prize is determined by the number of players and these games are scheduled and published on our social media pages.


Please bring a towel, you will get slightly wet if eliminated.