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Dr. Inita Hart, AKA the Heart Man, is a world renowned organ transplant specialist and suspected #1 supplier of human organs in the black-market organ trade. He has eluded the FBI for years until they finally got a tip that inmates at a local prison kept going missing.

The FBI sent in an undercover agent, John Lyke, who was supposed to figure out if this is the work of Dr. Hart and collect evidence so we can take him down. He reported that every inmate that has gone missing was last seen being taken into Dr. Hart's lab.

We lost contact with agent Lyke after he is suspected to have visited the lab. You and your team have been recruited by the FBI to go in undercover, find agent Lyke and bring us a harvested organ as evidence so we can finally prosecute Dr. Hart and stop his illicit organ trade.


Do you have the "heart" for this challenge?

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Participants: 3 - 9

Difficulty: 8 out of 10

Recommended Age: 13+

Details: Creepy elements


3 - 9


8o10 wht.png



Recommended Age: 13+          Details: Under 18 MUST have an adult. Creepy elements.

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