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iEscape Rooms is the best place in the Wilmington area to celebrate your birthday!
Choose between our live, immersive escape rooms or play our live, interactive game shows! We have several private party packages available, let us help you plan it!
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Ages: 13 and up
Players: 6-24
GAME SHOW Live! is a great way to celebrate your next birthday! Compete with and against your friends or family in a mashup of popular television game shows like Jeopardy, Family Feud and more. Must be 13+ years old to play.
In It to Win It is a fun way to celebrate your next birthday! Compete with and against your friends or family in a series of quirky 60 second challenges to determine the In It to Win It Champion! Must be 8+ years old to play.
Ages: 8 and up
Players: 6-24
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Ages: 13 and up
Players: 6-22
Our immersive escape rooms are an unforgettable birthday experience! Test your wits as you find clues, solve puzzles and try to escape ... in 60 minutes! For birthday parties we recommend 13+ years old to play.
Escape Rooms are great family activities. They are not designed for kids 8-12 to play without adults.
As always you are allowed to bring your own drinks and coolers.


We have a large party room with a big screen t.v., stereo, karaoke and space to dance. Customize the experience with a slideshow or videos of that special someone or get your groove on to your favorite dance music!
Enjoy the use of our party room with your birthday party package.
We have a kitchen with refrigerator / freezer, microwave oven and air fryer so bring your own food or have us cater for you!
We can incorporate your own props or birthday presents into the game! Call ahead to make arrangements.
We have a full kitchen with a refrigerator and freezer.
Let us help you plan and customize your next birthday party!

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