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Archaeologist Howard Carter is credited for discovering the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tutankhamuns tomb in the desserts of Egypt in 1922.

Since then they found Howard's journal which read that he was actually in the jungles Mexico exploring the Mayan Temples when he discovered the tomb. It is also where he discovered his first ancient Egyptian artifacts.

After nearly 30 years digging around Egypt looking for King Tuts tomb all he found were more ancient Egyptian artifacts like those he found in the jungle. He then decided to go back to the jungle and see if they were all some how related.

What were Egyptian artifacts doing in the Mayan jungles of Mexico? What did the Mayans and Egyptians have in common? How was Howard in the jungle and at the same time credited with discovering King Tuts tomb?

You and your team must go investigate the Mayan jungles of Mexico and figure out the secrets of the mysterious tomb!


2 - 8


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Recommended Age: 8+          Details: Played in dim lighting, squatting or crawling required

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