Participants: 2 - 8

Difficulty: 7 out of 10

Recommended Age: 8+

Details: Played in dim light

All games are private.

Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Every Christmas young Timmy writes a letter to Santa and tells him all about how he is doing and what he wants for Christmas. And every year Timmy has woke up Christmas morning to find everything on his list. 

This Christmas Timmy wrote his letter like always but just as he was about to go outside and put it in Santa's "magic" mailbox he overheard his older brother and his friend saying there was no such thing as Santa. They said he was fake and only little babies believe in him.​

Timmy was so upset he ripped up his letter and hid it around the house figuring if Santa was real he would find the letter and still give Timmy what he wanted for Christmas.​ It's up to you and your team to sneak into Timmy's house, find the letter and put it  in Santa's "magic" mailbox and prove to Timmy that Santa is real.

Do you have what it takes? Good LUCK!