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What is an Escape Room?

By now you have probably heard of something about escape rooms, but it’s not exactly clear what they are and what you do in them!

Basically, escape rooms are 60-minute adventure games you play with friends or family that requires you to find clues and solve puzzles in order to escape.

What do you do in an escape room?

Your game typically begins when you enter the room. Some locations may have a brief introduction or video for you to watch or listen to before your game begins but your Game Master (the person that explains the rules and makes sure you have a good time) will let you know ahead of time.

When the game starts you will have one hour to complete your goal and escape the room! There will be locks, puzzles, riddles, and clues for you to find and solve. The best way to win at these games is to rely on your team and wits! The types of puzzles that you will encounter will vary depending on the theme, from simple deciphers, pattern recognition, critical thinking, logic problems, and jigsaw puzzles!

There are literally hundreds of different types of puzzles that you might encounter in your room and the best way to solve them is to work with your team and communicate the tasks.

Common questions about escape rooms:

Are escape rooms scary?

Most escape rooms in the US are not actually scary. That being said, if you book “The Zodiac Killer’s Basement”, it will probably be scary. There are thousands of themes to choose from around the US that range from family-friendly (think “Harry Potter” or “Alice in Wonderland”) to straight-up horror. If you are worried about a particular theme being scary we recommend you reach out to the business before booking!

Are you actually locked in the escape room?

Most escape room locations do not lock their doors. If they are locked there is usually an emergency exit button or they will automatically unlock in case of an emergency. If you need to leave the room for any reason (like using the restroom, taking a phone call, or managing a panic attack) you may do so at any time and it does not end the game.

Is it like the escape room apps?

To an extent. Escape Rooms take many elements from video games and apps but differ in that these are real-life experiences that people can play. There are plenty of game mechanics that go into a room, but don’t expect to sit down in front of a TV for an hour and use a controller!

Is it like a movie?

Escape Rooms can certainly make you feel like you are in a movie but are much more interactive. If you have ever wanted to be the star in your own Hollywood movie then choosing an epic escape room will be exactly for you!

Why play an escape game?

Escape room games are FUN! There is a reason why so many people absolutely love this hobby. From the thrill of winning the game, the race against the clock, spending an hour of fun with your friends, exploring cool sets, the list just goes on why people can’t stop playing these games!

If you haven’t tried an escape room yet, now is the time! If you have played a great room before we know we are preaching to the converted!

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