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You have to play it to believe it! TAPP'D TRIVINGO is unlike any other Game Show game. It's like a pint of Game Show with a shot of Trivia chased with some Music Bingo! Yes we even have buzzers and spinning wheels!

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TRIVINGO is a wacky, fast paced Game Show played in the style of Team Trivia, Boombox Bingo and various television Game Shows! Now mix in fancy light up buzzers, a spinning wheel and some hilarious physical challenges and you're playing TRIVINGO!

Teams try to correctly answer questions and as many points as they can each round. The team with most points at the end of each round will have a chance to win some cool prizes.


Rounds include anything from fill in the blank to quickest to buzz in to name that tune to spin the challenge wheel to compete in the challenge. Teams will compete for cool prizes, bragging rights and of course to see whose knowledge is actually biggest!


TRIVINGO is very interactive, teams are encouraged to sing a long, dance with us and of course compete in our goofy challenges! The game is played like team trivia in Game Show format, mix in some buzzers, a spinning wheel, Boombox Bingo and some wacky Minute To Win It style challenges and your playing TRIVINGO!

The game is dynamic and is controlled by your TRIVINGO host. This keeps the game more exciting and FUN for everyone. There are usually 4-5 rounds depending on the number of teams.


Game Show rounds include games like the Family Feud, Jeopardy, the Wheel of Fortune, America Says, Super Password and more!

Trivia rounds include straight Q&A, fill in the blank, multiple choice, identify the picture and more!

Music rounds include identify the song, guess the lyric, who sings it, name the band, what year was that, name that tune and more!


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