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TAPP'D TRIVINGO is a fun, fast-paced interactive game that combines trivia with music and of course, BINGO! Participants compete against each other to win cool prizes and of course ... bragging rights!


TRIVINGO is not your ordinary Bingo! We swapped balls for beats! Take everybody's favorite Bingo, add some music trivia questions, mix in some music videos, identify some of the best music of all time and get everybody singing and dancing along! That's TRIVINGO!

Your hanging out with your friends listening to some music trying to guess the name of a song, or who sings it, or what year was it came out or what album it was on. Well you are playing TRIVINGO except don't tell anyone the answers ... mark off your TRIVINGO sheet!

Be the first person to connect the winning pattern and WIN cool prizes!


Players test their music knowledge by identifying popular songs, artists, music videos or some music related question. It is like traditional bingo, but with music related answers instead of numbers! Players cross off answers from their TRIVINGO cards as they answer them. The player that matches the TRIVINGO pattern is the winner!

But that's not all ... there will be opportunities for players to get bonus answers (free spaces) by completing goofy challenges announced the host! That might just be what each player needs to win TRIVINGO!



The songs, artists, music videos and music related question are all popular and easily recognizable from:

50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s

Rock & Classic Rock

Motown & Disco

Country New & Old

Hip Hop & R&B

Movie Soundtracks

Television Theme Songs

One Hit Wonders


and more...

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