Deadpool escape room at iEscape Rooms Wilmington NC

Contains rated R content

Participants: 2 - 6

Difficulty: 6 out of 10

Recommended Age: 10+

Details: Contains rated R content

may offend some participants

My name is Wade Wilson and I haven't always been this super. I was a special forces operative before I got a bogus dishonorable discharge and became a mercenary, that's right I do questionable stuff for money. Anyways, then I met Venessa who also does questionable stuff for money as a missionary. Love at first sight.

Then WHAM! I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an experimental treatment (torture - thanks Ajax) and was injected with a super serum, which is how I became SO SUPER!


Add a sexy red super suit and slap on a cool superhero name ... let's call me Deadpool. I became a vigilante before I was recruited as a X-Men trainee (did get a cool shirt). Let's just say I don't do things the same way they do so I formed my own group X-Force. Yada yada yada ... whala ... present day.

I have been saving the world one villain at a time since! Anywho I have in my possession a top secret document that can change the fate of superheroes and mutants forever! Don't tell anybody but I Hid it somewhere in Sister Margaret's School for Weyward Girls.


Coming Soon to a prison near you!

You WERE told you were going into a prison where inmates were going missing ... your mission was to rescue a missing undercover FBI agent, Agent Lyke. You WEREN'T told this prison houses the worst psychopathic killers in history.

We haven't heard from you since ...

Did Agent Lyke figure out what was happening to the inmates? Did you find Agent Lyke, is he okay? Better yet what happened to you?

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Tomb Raider the most immersive escape room in the Cape Fear area.

Participants: 2 - 8

Difficulty: 7 out of 10

Recommended Age: 8+

Details: Played in dim light

Archaeologist Howard Carter is credited for discovering the Egyptian Pharaoh King Tuts tomb in the desserts of Egypt in November, 1922. Records show that at that time he discovered the tomb he was actually in the jungles of Mexico, the site of his very first excavation where he was exploring the mysterious Mayan temples. It is also where, oddly enough, he discovered his first ancient Egyptian artifacts. He spent 30 years looking all over Egypt for the tombs but all he found were more ancient artifacts like those he found in the jungle. He decided to go back to the jungle and see if they were all some how related.

What were ancient Egyptian artifacts doing in the jungles of Mexico? What did the Mayans and Egyptians have in common? How was Howard in the jungle and at the same time credited with discovering King Tuts tomb in Egypt?

You and your team must go investigate the Mayan jungles of Mexico and figure out the secrets of the mysterious tomb!


The local prison has just been placed under federal investigation due to some disturbing stories and rumors that inmates keep going missing.


We know they are more than just stories or rumors because we recently sent a group of inmates over to the prison but the population did not change. One of those inmates was an undercover FBI agent, Agent Lyke. He was supposed to figure out what is going on in the prison and report back to us so we can address the issue. But we have received some bad new, it appears that our beloved Agent Lyke has also gone missing..  

You and your team have been recruited by the FBI to go in undercover to figure out what is going and report back to us so we can address the issue. More importantly find agent Lyke and bring him out safe.

Do you have what it takes? Good LUCK!

Cell Block D the most immersive prison escape room in the Port City area.

Participants: 3 - 8

Difficulty: 8 out of 10

Recommended Age: 8+

Details: Played in dim light

Live actor involved